Regenerative Cellular Technology Device

Our ReGen Medical RCT shockwave therapy is the pinnacle of healing and versatility, utilizing focused energy wave technology to activate the body's natural healing responses and processes.

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What is RCT Therapy

ReGen Medical RCT shockwave therapy represents a breakthrough in medical technology, harnessing focused Energy waves to stimulate the body's inherent healing properties. Unlike traditional treatments, RCT offers non-invasive, needle-free, and drug-free solutions for musculoskeletal issues, providing patients with rapid relief and long-term healing.

How Does ReGen RCT Therapy Work

ReGen Medical RCT shockwave therapy's core healing properties lie in regenerative cellular technology. By delivering a powerful Energy wave directly to targeted areas of the body, RCT therapy promotes collagen stimulation, cellulite reduction, and the breakdown of calcium deposits. This process improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, and enhances tissue repair, ultimately restoring mobility and promoting overall wellness.

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Areas of Treatment

RCT shockwave therapy offers versatile treatment options for various body parts, including the knees, elbows, shoulders, back, wrists, feet, legs, head and ED as well as cellulite reduction. Whether addressing chronic pain, sports injuries, or degenerative conditions, RCT shockwave therapy provides comprehensive healing solutions that target the root cause of discomfort and promote lasting results.

The Gold Standard for Patient Treatment

Welcome to ReGen Medical, where we're revolutionizing healthcare through regenerative cellular technology. Our cutting-edge treatment is unique as the most powerful medical grade shockwave machine available to treat both acute and chronic pain in any area of the body. We can literally harness the power of regenerative medicine to promote healing and rejuvenation in a variety of applications. Our technique is the wave of the future that you can now utilize.

Our RCT shockwave therapy is based on the highest medical grade standards to meet exceptional results and boost patients' recovery. The benefits of ReGen Medical's RCT are:

Treats the Root Cause of Pain

The RCT technology ReGen Medical developed serves diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. When applied to damaged tissue, the treatment will elicit a response from the patient, indicating that you have treated the correct area.

Reduces Pain & Inflammation

RCT penetrates deep into the tissue, modulates the inflammatory response of the cells within the injured area, and reduces pain by 70%-90% after the first treatment.

Restores Mobility

The ReGen Medical RCT results in a rapid reduction of inflammation, which increases the function and range of motion many times after the first treatment.

Promotes Long-Term Healing

The RCT stimulates, activates, and recruits resident stem cells to heal the damaged area and produce lasting results effectively. Rehab technologies can work on the root cause with enduring outcomes.

20 Minute Treatments

The patients heal faster through RCT therapy, a simple in-office treatment that takes only 20 minutes to perform and recover. A well-trained staff member can increase revenue and results with RCT without clocking additional office hours.

Induces Antibacterial Effect

ReGen Medical's RCT induces an antibacterial effect, which aids in preventing and treating infection and long-term COVID-19 symptoms. It reduces the likelihood of contracting bacterial infections with improved treatments.

Drug & Surgery Free

The best part about RCT therapy is that it doesn't need to induce any drugs into the body or perform any surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment based on advanced rehab technologies.

Improves Blood Flow & Circulation

The studies on ReGen Medical's RCT shockwave technology show that it improves blood flow and circulation by 250% in small, medium, and large blood vessels following treatment.

Start Healing

Explore how our RCT shockwave device offers non-invasive, cost-effective, and patient-friendly solutions for musculoskeletal issues, promoting rapid healing and enhanced wellness.